The Ultimate Amazon Associates Success Framework (Launches May/June 2020)

How to Boost Your Online Earnings With the Amazon Associates Program

Crack the System of Earning More as an Amazon Associate

Does any of the following scenarios apply to you right now?

  • You’re just starting your first website and wondering about monetization through the Amazon Associates program?
  • You’ve been an Amazon Associate for some time but you’re struggling to make more than a few dollars every month?
  • You’ve been an Amazon Associate for less than 6 months and struggling to make your first sale?
  • You’re considering joining the Amazon Associates program as a new monetization strategy but not quite sure how to make the most of it?

If you answered yes or more to any of the questions above then this course is for you!

Welcome to The Ultimate Amazon Associates Success Framework; an easy to follow and implement course on creating a successful website and generating substantial income through the Amazon Associates Program.

I became an Amazon Associate in 2012 with one of my first websites. I remember been super excited when I made $3.63 my third month of being an associate.

It was the first time I realized this making money online “stuff” really works. However, that first sale was pure luck.

It was some more time after that before I was able to make a significant amount of money because I didn’t really know what I was doing back in those days.

Over the years, through experimentation and a lot of starts and stops, I finally figured out how to generate the maximum revenue from the Amazon Associates program.

The Ultimate Amazon Associates Success Framework puts all this knowledge into one place for newbies to the Amazon Associates program.

Did you know if you don’t generate 3 sales within your first 180 days as an Amazon Associate, you will be booted from the program?

This is a challenge a lot of newbies to Amazon Associates encounter. They create and create and create content but that first sale just seems elusive.

Asking your friends and family to make purchases through your links does not work and can get you banned from the Amazon Associates program!

Setting up and maintaining a website is easy. However, it takes work to make your website succeed and it goes beyond just creating and publishing content or creating social media accounts.

None of this guarantees that anyone will click through your Amazon Associate links to make a purchase.

This is where The Ultimate Amazon Associates Success Framework comes in.

I started working on this course because of all the questions I receive asking how to generate sales and how to start making more than a few dollars every month from the Amazon Associates Program.

If you follow me on The Writer Entrepreneur, I talk a lot about making money as an Amazon Associate.

It’s one of my biggest monetization techniques after Mediavine Publisher Network, and I’m continuously exploring new ways to increase my revenue with Amazon.

I am not going to tell you you’re going to make $1,000 your first week as an Amazon Associate because that’s just ridiculous and impractical.

What I am going to tell you is that with the proper techniques and marketing strategies, you can make as much money as you want as an Amazon Associate.

Below is a snapshot of the curriculum under development:-

  • Module 1 - Introduction
  • Module 2 - Why Most Amazon Associates Fail
  • Module 3 - Amazon Associates Program Basics
  • Module 4 - How to Apply For and Get Accepted into the Amazon Associates Program
  • Module 5 - How to Set Up a Website for the Amazon Associates Program
  • Module 6 - 15 Ways to Monetize With the Amazon Associates Program
  • Module 7 - Amazon Affiliate Content Research
  • Module 8 - Getting Your Qualifying 3 Sales on Amazon
  • Module 9 - The Framework for Increasing You Amazon Associates Profit from Month to Month
  • Module 10 - Maximizing Amazon Associate Earnings During Holiday Periods
  • Module 11 - The Important Fine Print Most People Miss
  • Module 12 - Essential Tools You Need to Succeed As An Amazon Associate
  • Module 13 - How to Become a Global Amazon Associate
  • Share Your Testimonial

The Ultimate Amazon Associates Success Framework is scheduled for release May/June 2020.

However, I'm opening it up now for early enrollment at $97. This is the best price you will ever find online for a course like this.

Most people charge over $300 for courses like this but I always want to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Once the course is live, you will receive an email notification to log in and start learning how to make all the moolah as an Amazon Associate.

Some of the perks of becoming a student of Ignite Your Imagination. Live Your Best Life school and signing up for this valuable course include:-

  • Continuous access to all future updates on the course. As I’m always looking for new ways to improve my earnings, I will be updating the course as I learn and implement. You will never have to make additional payments for any updates to the course.
  • Discounts on the Ignite Your Imagination Shop; a self-empowerment destination for freelancers, solopreneurs, dreamers and doers.
  • Discounts on all the current and future courses available in the school.

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Course Bonuses...

Bonus 1: Continuous Access to All Future Course Updates

I intend to continue updating this course as my knowledge base grows and I experiment and create even more ways to earn money through the Amazon Affiliate Program. Access to all future updates will remain free at no additional cost to you.

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30% discount on all current courses and any new courses added to Ignite Your Imagination. Live Your Best Life school.

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Hi there, my name is Anna Fani. I left my 9 - 5 in 2014 after years of sleep deprivation and little vacation. I was half way to suicidal when I finally bolted. After a much deserved 3 month break, I launched my online and offline business in January 2015. I was making good money when I quit but I was tired of making someone else rich and wanted to follow my dreams. This didn't happen in a vacuum. A lot of planning, dedication and discipline went into it.

I also launched The Writer Entrepreneur, a self-empowerment website about enabling yourself with the mindset and resources required to ignite your imagination and live your best life. This school and courses are a result of that website. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and helping you ignite your imagination and live your best life.

When I'm not working, I'm reading, letting my imagination run riot in my fiction writing, working out, traveling or chomping on chocolate; not necessarily in that order.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the course be delivered?
The Ultimate Amazon Associates Success Framework will be delivered in a text-based format via workbooks, worksheets, PDFs and tutorials.
What if I have questions after taking the course?
There will be a Ask Me Anything module at the end of the course for you to ask any questions you've noted down while taking the course.
Can anyone take the course?
Yes. It doesn’t matter where you live. As long as you have a laptop and Internet, you’re good to go.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts once it launches and it's up to you when you finish it. It's 100% self-paced so don't be nervous about access suddenly disappearing.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I'd be sad to hear that but I don't want you to be unhappy so I provide a 30-day refund guarantee less any Paypal or credit card administrative fees. However, you will need to show that you went through the course and took some kind of action based on the information provided in the course.
I still have questions.
If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] and I'll be sure to come back to you ASAP.

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